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Counting Counts: Quantifying LGBTQ Experiences & Sentiment (Part I)

Discover insights into the LGBTQ community’s habits as consumers, as employees, and most importantly, as people, based on the first population-based data of its kind. 

"Businesses need to understand their audiences with precision and nuance. Despite profound improvements in the visibility of LGBT+ people, as a group we remain understudied and incompletely understood. We're excited that CivicScience is applying its unique research methodology to uncover more actionable data about LGBT+ people, which organizations and businesses can leverage to drive LGBT+ equality forward.”

- Todd Sears, Founder and Principal, Out Leadership

“Advocates do their best work when they can approach decision-makers with both stories of the lived experience of their constituencies and data that reflect trends among a population. We are excited that CivicScience is working to ensure that we have the best information possible about the LGBTQ community. Preliminary findings will help us show decision-makers the needs and priorities of LGBTQ people.” 

- Meghan Maury, Policy Director, National LGBTQ Task Force


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